Attorney In Orange County Protecting Against Real Estate Fraud

In real estate transactions, the seller often has more bargaining power because the seller has more knowledge about the property. The seller also has more knowledge related to the legality of his or her attempt to transfer title to real property. Individuals and businesses acquiring real estate can protect their interests by being represented by a real estate attorney with extensive litigation and transactional experience.

At Legate Law Corporation, our Irvine attorneys have more than 35 years of experience representing real estate purchasers with issues related to fraudulent transfers by sellers, including nondisclosure issues. Our clients come to us for trustworthy and straightforward representation. We have a reputation for being effective litigators who put our clients in the best possible position for successful outcomes.

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Protecting California Real Estate Purchasers From Fraudulent Transfers By Sellers

The litigation lawyers of our law firm have assisted clients who have been involved in transactions where the seller attempted to convey title through the following types of fraudulent means:

  • Nondisclosure
  • Forgery
  • Misrepresentation
  • Concealment

When purchasing real estate, it is important to have an attorney who will protect your interests. Most sellers are forthright and will disclose known defects and not attempt to fraudulently transfer title to innocent purchasers. But when you purchase real property and discover that the seller was not the rightful owner of that property or there are defects that the seller failed to disclose, our lawyers have the experience needed to successfully litigate fraudulent transfer cases.