Foreclosures, Short Sales And Homeowners Rights

When you are facing financial difficulties and cannot continue making mortgage payments, there are options available, such as refinancing, short sale and foreclosure. You still have rights as a homeowner in California, even when you are in the middle of the foreclosure process. It is important to be represented by a real estate attorney who will advocate on your behalf and protect you from your mortgage company.

At Legate Law Corporation, our real estate attorneys have represented individuals in Irvine and Orange County who are facing foreclosure or short sale for more than 35 years. We protect our clients' interests by communicating with mortgage companies. Our attorneys hold lending institutions that fail to abide by new foreclosure procedures responsible for their actions.

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The California Homeowner Bill Of Rights

In 2013, the California Homeowner Bill of Rights was passed in response to the foreclosure crisis, giving homeowners in the foreclosure process protection from certain business practices by mortgage companies. Its provisions include:

  • Restricting a mortgage company from foreclosing on your home if you are in the process of securing a loan modification
  • Assigning you a single point of contact at your mortgage company when you are navigating the loan modification process and ensuring you always speak with someone who knows your case
  • Providing you with recourse should your mortgage company materially violate the new foreclosure process protections

Our small boutique firm has skilled transactional attorneys who have impressive success records in the courtroom. If your case cannot be resolved through negotiation, we have the resources and knowledge necessary to take your case to court.