Will And Trust Issues

An individual's intention when planning his or her estate is generally to provide for loved ones. Unfortunately, the best intentions can lead to confusion after the individual has died. Wills and trusts may be contested for a number of reasons, from issues with formation to possible problems with trustees. If you find yourself in this situation, you need an attorney who will aggressively advocate to protect your interests.

The attorneys at Legate Law Corporation provide straightforward legal representation for all types of estate and trust litigation, including will and trust issues. With more than 35 years of courtroom experience in Southern California, we are courtroom veterans. We know how to prepare a case for trial and create proactive legal strategies that put our clients in the best possible position for successful outcomes.

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Trustworthy Irvine Litigators Protect Your Interests

Our lawyers have represented clients in the following situations:

  • Will and trust contests and disputes — Our lawyers represent clients contesting a trust or will, from disputing the creation of a will or trust to contesting specific provisions.
  • Forgery issues — If an individual believes that the will or trust of a loved one was forged, we can contest the will or trust on the individual's behalf.
  • Undue influence — We assist individuals who believe that their loved ones were unduly influenced by someone else when creating their wills or trusts.
  • Removal of trustee actions — If a trustee is violating fiduciary duties or not following the dictates of the trust, our lawyers can petition the court to have the trustee removed and possibly surcharged.
  • Compelling and challenging trust accountings — Beneficiaries have the right to ask for an accounting. If the trustee refuses or if the beneficiaries do not believe the accounting is accurate, the beneficiaries can petition the court to compel and/or challenge the accounting.