Trust Enforcement

Trusts are complex tools that can be created to further many objectives. They are often the tool of choice for individuals with significant assets. Enforcing a trust can be just as complicated and requires an attorney who is skilled in both estate and trust law, and litigation.

At Legate Law Corporation, we represent trustors, trustees and beneficiaries in all aspects of trust litigation. Our attorneys are better able to create proactive strategies and think quickly on their feet because they are in the courtroom often, protecting the interests of our clients. We have a trial success rate that speaks for itself.

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Aggressively Advocating On Behalf Of Trust Beneficiaries Throughout Irvine

Our lawyers have experience representing individuals in the following situations involving trust enforcement:

  • Trustee not meeting his or her fiduciary duties
  • Trustor did not have capacity to make trust
  • Other trust construction issues
  • Elder law
  • Trust modification
  • Heggstad petitions

Heggstad Petitions In California

The lawyers of Legate Law Corporation have experience filing complicated Heggstad petitions. As an example, an individual puts his or her house in a trust for the benefit of the children to avoid probate after death. Before that individual passes, he or she needs to refinance the house, which cannot be done when the title to the house is in the name of the trust, so the house is put back in his or her name. The individual then dies after obtaining refinancing but before returning title to the trust. In these special situations, a judge may order the house back into the trust for the beneficiary's benefit.